Blue Dream

Flowering Time 65-70 days
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield Indoors: 350-500 gr/m2
Outdoors: 2+ kg/plant

Blue Dream is a world-renowned Californian sativa hybrid created by crossing Blueberry and Haze. It is a productive sativa dom that makes top shelf rock hard nuggets appreciated by connoisseurs and commercial growers alike.

🌿 Blue Dream grows quickly in the veg stage with great vigor, easily reaching a height in excess of 13 feet. Considerable stretch happens during flowering which can make indoors tricky. Outdoors the plants are able to grow into trees.

⚖️ With 50 to 100% greater yield than most varieties, Blue Dream is a real cash crop high yield strain to grow. A beautiful mass of colas brings in the extra heavy harvests, ready outdoors by mid-October.

🍧 Fruity blueberry and lemon flavors with the aroma of piney haze. Shiny, dense buds. Long lasting cerebral high good for productivity.

👍 It is a rewarding best seller that’s always in high demand.


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