How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

How long does marijuana stay in your system

How long does marijuana stay in your system? 2 weeks or 1 month?

What exactly do you need to know about marijuana use and marijuana breathalyzer results? Why is it that long? Why is it necessary to take 3 tests? There are so many people who have absolutely no idea about the effects and affects of marijuana.

First off, do you know that the THC in marijuana is mostly metabolized within two hours of consumption? That is why it is called a ‘breathalyzer’. This is because the THC in marijuana binds to and activates some of the receptors in our brains. THC and its byproducts are also fat soluble and are absorbed through the blood stream. A person who drinks and the marijuana has not yet completely metabolized is unable to give a good reading for alcohol. This is why it is important to wait for at least 48 hours before deciding to test for marijuana. Even then, it takes a few hours before a person can detect the marijuana.

There are also different levels of cannabis and these levels must be accounted for when attempting to determine if a person is intoxicated or not. The marijuana concentration level required to cause impairment varies by state. A person who drives while under the influence of marijuana for an hour is more likely to cause an accident than a person who is intoxicated for 24 hours. The federal government has tried to prevent some people from buying cannabis by prohibiting the advertising of the effects of it.

“So, why is it such a secret that marijuana is actually a very safe drug, such a low-risk substance?”

Well, the reasons for this are mainly because the negative effects of marijuana, such as addiction, are minimized. Another reason for this is that the effects are less potent when it is consumed by itself or mixed with other drugs. The user can feel a more positive and creative mood by using the drug and get to the head of his/her game. There are people who have no idea how marijuana affects your mental and physical state because it only contains one chemical compound that cannot be recreated in a lab.

Other than that, THC is also addictive. However, it does not become an issue until a person smokes for the first time and uses the drug daily or even every day. The more frequently it is used, the more often it is abused and turns into an addiction. This is a very subtle and gradual process and it can take years before it manifests itself as an addiction. This is the reason why marijuana users are often forced to turn to hard drugs like heroin. Many recreational users of marijuana also use it for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is now being used to help control seizures, treat pain, and for many other health issues. Marijuana does not necessarily make a person high, but it does come with its own different high. It seems that everyone is a marijuana enthusiast or user but few people know what goes on behind closed doors, many things that most people do not know.

To summarize, how long does marijuana stay in your system? At a certain concentration level, a person can be certain that marijuana will not show up in a urine or breathalyzer test.