Indica VS Sativa Strains

Sativa Vs Indica Strains

Sativa VS Indica Strains .What strains are sativa? What strains are indica? And do hybrid strains fall into a specific category? What’s the difference between the different subgenres?

Let’s start at the beginning, the origins of this plant’s distinction from it’s psychoactive relatives, it’s seeds.

What’s the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Both indica and sativa are evergreen, flowering plants. They are also both structurally similar, with many hybrids falling between these two subgenres. While both indica and sativa have plants that develop seeds, one plant is indica and the other is sativa. If you’ve ever encountered the plant hybrids between indica and sativa, this refers to the plants of both indica and sativa.

The way to tell the difference is to learn which was the parent plant. This may seem straightforward, but indica and sativa have very different effects. In general, indica plants are more sedating while sativa plants are more stimulating.

Sativa Vs Indica Strains How they Affect You

When you use marijuana for any purpose, there are varying degrees of “effect” a user experiences. While some effects are directly induced by THC, there are others that come from THC’s metabolites that act in synergy with the THC.

Sativa plants are highly active in the brains of users, making users feel alert and focused, less inclined to experience relaxation or daydreaming. They produce more of a THC to THC ratio in the user’s bloodstream, which stimulates more of a “high”, so users are less likely to feel sleepy or drowsy.

Though both indica and sativa plants may be used for consuming cannabis, there is a small amount of research on the effects of hybrids between indica and sativa strains, indicating the overall effects vary based on the composition of the seed.

What Strains Are Indica?

These are the most commonly sold strains of marijuana, making up a large percentage of what you’ll find on dispensary shelves. You’ll often see the phrase “Indica” in dispensaries, followed by one or more words describing the content. Some hybrids also fall into this category, but are usually labeled as indica instead.

Sativa Strains

People who find sativa to be a little too stimulating or active are more likely to try hybrids that fall within the subgenre of sativa. A sativa seed is most commonly derived from the evergreen plant sativa indica, though it can also derive from sativa ruderalis and can be derived from a number of other sources, including hybrids of all three.

By comparison, sativa plants have a generally more sedative effect, producing a high that can also be used for creating “boredom” effects, but not as strongly as its close cousin, indica.

Did you know…

Indica is the indica-dominant sub-genus. Indica-dominant plants have a much higher concentration of THC in the plant than indica-dominant plants do, providing a more “up and happy” feeling.

Each sub-genus of sativa is usually identified by a word in its name. For example, sativa sativa is the strain that will have a strong body high and can create the “boredom” effect, but which produces a lot of CBD, which has a relaxing effect as well.

Because indica and sativa have such similar effects, they can often be confused, with both strains being called “sativa”, sometimes for years, before a hybrid can be found that actually falls within the Sativa sub-genre. Hybrid strains can be discovered in virtually every area of the cannabis plant and can be most common with the hybrid of indica and sativa.

Are Hybrid Strains Indica or Sativa?

A hybrid may not be genetically pure, or it may be genetically pure, but the end result is a hybrid strain. A hybrid can only be identified as indica or sativa. A pure sativa-dominant hybrid (a sativa sativa x indica) may show high concentrations of both THC and CBD, but is not a sativa, even though it’s derived from one.

Pure indica-dominant hybrids, which are known to be more sedating and relaxing, do not fall under the umbrella of the “indica” and “sativa” terminology.

To summarize, sativa strains produce a more intense high and generally have lower amounts of THC and CBD. Indica strains provide a more relaxing effect and typically produce higher concentrations of THC and CBD.